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  • Artist and writer

    Zehra Hamdani Mirza's recent body of work shows a new dexterity with pigment and technique. Movement and color energize her ‘parrot series’ as she captures the birds with a playful confidence. The color white, that often suggests a void, with deft strokes turns into a space that anticipates movement in these works.


    Besides working in her studio, Zehra writes art reviews for local and regional publications and she is an active member of the Karachi Biennale team. These multiple hats, connect her to the art scene in different ways and this has informed her evolving art practice.


    Niilofur Farrukh
    Art Critic, V President AICA International
    Managing Trustee and CEO Karachi Biennale Trust

    May 2017


  • Zehra Hamdani Mirza

    is a Karachi-based artist and writer.


    She is a student of Pakistan’s master cubist Mansoor Rahi, and completed her Foundation Year in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, NY where she was on the Dean’s List. Mirza holds a B.A in English and Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Her art is in private collections in Pakistan, the UK and the U.S, and her writings have appeared in the Friday Times, Newsline, ADA and Dep Art (Bangladesh).


    Her career has spanned journalism, advertising and television. She is a co-ordinator and facilitator for the art centric non-profit ASNA and facilitated the Fourth ASNA Clay Triennial. She is chair of the Karachi Biennale Marketing and Design committee and is currently working on a public art project for the Karachi Biennale Trust.